Organic Pest Control for Organic Gardens

Organic gardens are chemical free and loaded with a rich organism diversity. If you happen to be new to organic gardening controlling nasty pests minus the chemicals can be daunting. However, practicing specific cultivation methods and utilizing beneficial organisms can control pest naturally.

Healthy Soil

A healthy soil promotes organism balance in the garden. Compost use adds nutrients to the soil and encourages beneficial organisms that fight diseases. Using mulch also maintains moisture and buffers soil from temperature changes this helps keep these organisms alive. Crop rotating reduces pest buildup and improves soil health in vegetable gardens.

Cultural Methods

There are several cultural methods that help reduce pests in an organic garden. First, one of the most important things you can do is select the correct kind of plants in your area. These plants easily adapt to the climate and resist the local pests and diseases. One way to reduce the chances of disease from settling in is keeping foliage dry. Use drip irrigation instead of overhead irrigation. Keeping the garden clean is also very important. Make sure to remove plant debris and diseased plants or branches. This makes it tough for pests to create a home in the garden.

Physical Controls and Botanical Pesticides

If you happen to have pests in your landscape it is ok to use botanical pesticides. Botanical pesticides are derived from plant material and break down much quicker than synthetic chemicals. However, some botanical pesticides are toxic. So, these chemicals must be handled carefully. It is also a good idea to protect your organic garden using insect traps. Some examples of insect traps are yellow sticky paper and pheromone traps that release odors that attract and trap certain pesky critters.

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