When rodents find a way to into your home they can become a big problem. They make noise at night while they roam around the attic and inside your house and keep you up. They also carry disease and spread them with their urine and droppings. If you have a rodent problem then you are likely wondering how to get rid of them. One of the poison-free solutions is the electronic rodent repellant device. Do they really work?

There are plenty of ways to get rid of rodents. However, none of them are as simple as plugging an electronic rodent device into the wall. You don’t have to set traps, deal with poisons, or handle rodent carcasses.

Electronic rodent devices work in two different ways. One type works by plugging in a 120 volt outlet and emitting an ultrasonic frequency between 30 and 55 khz. High frequencies like this are too high to be heard by humans and household pets like cats and doges. However, they can be heard by rodents. The high frequency waves create an uncomfortable environment for rodents and drive them away. The device then changes the sound waves and doesn’t repeat the same frequency. The rodent never gets used to the frequency.

The second type of rodent repellant device uses an electromagnetic field in the house to drive out the rodents. You plug it into a 120 volt wall outlet. The device uses the electrical wiring in walls, ceiling, and floor then vibrates its electromagnetic field. Rodents get irritated and leave.

Rodent repellants are inexpensive. They are worth a try. It is easy, clean, and you don’t have to worry about getting rid of dead rodents.

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Anne Wheeler is the founder and chairman of Eco Environmental, a company that’s ranked among the country’s top pest-control providers. She’s built a staff of 2,000, providing entrepreneurial training and financial success to his employees while instilling core values.

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