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Outstanding Pest And Termite Control

If you have unwanted, uninvited guest in your home or business, call the professionals at Cannon Pest Control. We are a locally owned and operated exterminating company located in Plain, Wisconsin . With 15 years of experience, we offer great customer service, promptness and excellent results. We treat for all pests, including roaches, ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, crickets, termites and much more.

Garden Pest Control

Garden Pest Control

Maintaining, and Reaping the Harvest of your backyard is one of life’s most important rewards. Garden Pests are, insects! That’s particularly considering all of the task you need to maintain the various array of pests away from the vegetation. There are hundreds of pests which ramble gardens round the country, chewing up vegetables and tearing up blossoms there.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

We are a locally owned, full service pest control company. We specialize in Integrated Pest Management programs for food processing facilities, warehouses, condominium complexes and other commercial buildings. We are capable of handling  even the largest facilities while still providing the personalized service only a locally owned company can provide.


Domestic Pest Control

It is the prime endeavor of Domestic Pest Control to ensure optimum satisfaction of the clients by providing them with the best pest control and other service solutions. We are a quality oriented firm operating from Plain, Wisconsin. Since the day of commencement, we have been working in compliance with the set industry guidelines as well as norms.

Eco Friendly Technologies

If you happen to have pests in your garden it is ok to use botanical pesticides. Botanical pesticides are derived from plant material and break down much quicker than synthetic chemicals. However, some botanical pesticides are toxic. So, these chemicals must be handled carefully.

Free home Inspection

We will do inspection of you home in free of cost. You don’t have to pay first. Later if we find any problems in your home, then you can talk with payment. Our biggest strength is our well trained staff. All our employees have good experience and have a deep knowledge.

Licensed & Protected

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Over the years, we have been focusing on establishing amicable business relation with our reputed customer base. We assure optimum quality, economical prices and timely execution of the services.

Fast Pest Removal

One of the most important precautionary things you can do to organically control pests is monitor the seasons. Pests do different things during each season. Make sure you perform the tips and precautions in this article before your garden or plants get attacked and destroyed.

Pest Control and Extermination

Cannon Pest Control specializes in termite extermination. We are a certified Termidor user and use Termidor products to eliminate termites. It is a slow-reacting chemical, which allows termites to easily pass it along to the entire colony. Our exterminators have more than 50 years of combined experience and focus on the customers’ needs. To get more information about our company and services, give us a call or stop by our office today.


Insect Control

Many insects, like ants and beetles, are likely to come into your home all year round, not just summer, but also fall, winter and spring


Rodent Removal

Rodents spreads out illness to both people and home family pets, rodents can likewise trigger residential or commercial property damage and pollute food sources.


cockroach control

Cockroaches have the tendency to choose dark, wet locations to conceal and reproduce and can be discovered behind fridges, sinks and stoves.


Bird control

Birds are a vital part of our natural surroundings in the location. As predators, they feed upon pests, rodents, worms, fish and many other animals.


Termite Removal

Termites are among the most harm causing pest that can mess up the value of your home. The damage caused by them is irreversible in the most of the cases.


Spider Control

All spiders require a food source and harborage to live inside your home. By getting rid of the existing spiders with an insecticide.

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